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Affinis is a bunch type. Typical representative of bamboo: tall, barrel length, leaf spring onion thick. Affinis is qingshen main bamboo species, widely distributed in the Southwest China province. The type specimen collected from Mount Emei in Sichuan province. In the growth of the region is the most common cultivated bamboo species are more common in one of the farm houses of the Plains and low hills, appears to have become extinct in the wild. Wide range of uses, stalk fiber tenacity and long thin tube, is the superior materials of bamboo handicrafts, or split bamboo plaited bamboo, used as a twisted pair plus can be used for simple bamboo walls of a building, and the use of bamboo and mixed with lime plaster walls; Ze end of sheath can be used for sewing cloth shoes filled; scientific processing can be used as the bamboo material. Bamboo shoots are more bitter, but was there for boiled vegetables.

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