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Bamboo products

Bamboo products is refers to to bamboo for processing raw materials manufacturing of products, more for commodity, as basket, and bamboo screen, and bamboo strainer, and Shau Kei, and bamboo steamer, and pot-scouring brush, and bamboo dustpan, and bamboo bucket, and bamboo rake, and baskets, and bamboo pole, and chopsticks, and bamboo broom, and bamboo hat, and bamboo plaque, and bamboo basket, and bamboo sleeping mat, and mats, and bamboo bed, and bamboo stool, and bamboo chair, and bamboo chair, and chopping block, and mat, and Cup pad, and curtains,, in recent years compared popular of bamboo floor and bamboo furniture,, also some value high of, as sculpture, civil crafts. Bamboo charcoal products are also very promising. Xianning in Hubei province is rich in bamboo, bamboo chic of Xianning, carving delicate, bright, color variety and marketing, for the traditional local crafts, favored by tourists.

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