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East Asia is the birthplace of chopsticks, eating  with chopsticks in a long history more than 3000 years .Chopsticks looks like  just two  simple tiny rods, but it has to pick, dial, clamp, mix, chop and other functions, easy to use with  cheap price . Chopsticks is also a kind of unique tableware in the world today. Chopsticks is Asia's product in the process of slow evolution of human but not invented by one person.

Compared to the west until the 16th ,17th century probably invented the knife and fork ,Japanese scholars  had determined when using chopsticks for food  ,more than 80 joints and 50 muscles are  in sports and related to the brain nerve. Japanese have a high opinion of the physiological benefits of using chopsticks.They believe that using chopsticks leads to a clever mind and deft hands . 


Attention matters :

1.     The bamboo chopsticks are the preferred in the daily life for the features of  harmless , non-toxic, environmentally friendly  and in the cheapest price . Good quality bamboo chopsticks under high temperature are not deformed .  The  second choose is  ecru wooden chopsticks . 

2.     Many diseases are transmitted by chopsticks. Try not to mix  and best to place each one ‘s chopsticks independently . when cleaning  chopsticks ,first  rinse  the oil on the surface with water and then use detergent to scrub  carefully  and then put into sterilized cupboards to  disinfection and dry. For new  chopsticks can be washed with tap water first  ,then use detergent to scrub  carefully  ,the last step  is  put into a pot of water to boil for  half an hour . 

3.     Chopsticks once used for a long time will appear lots of  tiny cracks on the surface  that  very easy to residual bacteria. Chopsticks should  be replaced  as  the  toothbrush  every 3 months to half a year.  The chopsticks  holder must be  hollowed  out ,  breathable, no water and regular cleaning and disinfection.

The difference between China, Japan and South Korea chopsticks







Round head ,transom stern




Cuspate, thick transom stern




Flat  shape


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