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Home Use Chopsticks, How Long Does It Take To Change A Better Arrangement

Not regularly cause chopsticks filth. The naked eye, you may see a pair of wooden chopsticks in half a year, the difference between 1 and 3 years. But if put they put in 500 times times of close-up lens Xia, will see using half of chopsticks, epidermal off, some place has split, has obviously of small gap, and gap in has yellow residues real; using 1 years of chopsticks, wood surface has color and gully aspect, SAG at has many oil; with had 3 years of chopsticks, has beyond recognition, see not out is wood quality of, surface like long has small mushroom. Use the longer, check out the higher the colony. In addition to metal ones, but wood, bamboo chopsticks are fine grooves in the surface and easy residual bacteria and cleanser, it is recommended that once half a year to complete.

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