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Wood Flooring, Bamboo Flooring Is Really Different?

In contrast, Bamboo flooring than wood floor using a longer life expectancy. Under normal circumstances, high quality Bamboo flooring prices only about middle and low wood flooring prices. In fact, both are afraid of wet, because of the humidity tends to change. But due to the high fiber density than wood flooring Bamboo flooring, Bamboo flooring and wood flooring at the same time so when soaked in water for 24 hours after the bamboo floor expansion rate is only half of the wood floor.

In addition, Bamboo flooring bamboo growing RADIUS smaller than the wood, not seriously affected by sunlight, with no apparent difference in male and female, so smaller than the wood floors the chromatic aberration; fresh bamboo processing of bamboo flooring bamboo pattern enrich, uniform color, its natural hardness more than 1 time times higher than wood, and less distortion.